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Ideas are a Dime a Dozen, its about taking that Dime and Making it a Dozen.

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Biography: Geoffrey Nuval has experience in entrepreneurial, operational, and fundraising functions -- he founded two startups in the tech industry and prior to that worked in Venture Capital for Lehman Brothers. As the founding CEO of EVO Media Group, makers of, his early implementation of game mechanics has been cited in print and Wikipedia as a classic example of increasing customer engagement. Prior to that, he worked as an investment professional at Lehman Brothers Venture Partners (now Tenaya Capital), where he was part of the team that invested in successful consumer Internet companies such as Zappos, GameFly, and SideStep (now Kayak). He holds a BS in Management Science & Engineering with Honors from Stanford University and initiated a course in Entrepreneurship at the Oxford University's Said Business School. Geoff has spoken and presented at numerous conferences on the topics of entrepreneurship, domain development, and gamification.

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